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A Travian Addict…Is he?

My eldest son is so fond of computer games that he seldoms wink his eyes when already in front of his computer.  I noticed this when I caught him still in front of the computer even during the wee hours of the morning.

Took a glimpse

Knowing his strong character, I secretly took a glimpse of what he was doing at such odd hours. I was surprised!

Travian Addict

My son was playing Travian. He’ll leave the computer when in urgent need to pee. Oops, how’s that again?

What is this game called Travian?

I don’t want to disturb him – instead of asking – I searched and came up with this. Travian is a  successful game of  German origin.  Today, it is considered as one successful computer game with more than 3 million members.

Why become addict?

This really surprised me. Why  this game made my son “addict”?  I continued my search and come up with this good explanation.

The game starts with the user as a leader of a small village.  A waiting time to start build the village to gain enough resources and develop a stronghold of armies with complete army amenities needed to protect the village’s and its people.

Now I understand

After reading the concept of this game called Travian,  I know now why my son seems to be addicted, and never leave his eyes away from the computer screen.  He is only protecting his village from attackers – users around the globe.

Like our leaders

If only our leaders today act like the village chief in this computer game, I don’t think war will emerge.

Now, is my son a Travian addict?  Only he can tell.

  1. jyan
    February 12, 2009 at 10:27 am


    superb..ADDICT..si kuya

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