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Is this Bipolar Disorder or Simply Irresponsibility?

If you were the wife what will you do?

“Give me my four days salary or else I will sell your cellphone,” said by mr. X.

A partial look at what happened

Jan. 24 is the birthday of the couple’s 4th child. To celebrate it, mr. X told his wife to buy three live chickens and the needed ingredients.  Sensing that money was not enough, the wife told her husband to buy first the chicken and the ingredients will just follow.

Sudden mood change

Mr. X’s uttered in an angry toned voice, “next time, don’t ever dare to say yes if you cannot do it”.  Aghast, the wife reacted, “did I not say we will buy the chicken first and the ingredients will follow?” This triggered the already angry Mr. X.

Be cool

The wife just kept her cool and allow Mr. X to continue murmuring.

“Where’s the cellphone?” the daughter asked. The mother ordered her hubby to return it.  Instead of adhering, the angry mr. X shouted (at the top of his voice which was enough to reach Mt. Everest.) Sigh!

As usual

The daughter bragged her father’s irresponsibility. Hearing her said this, mr. X, in a very loud voice, shouted at his daughter.

Tried to pacify but… the wife failed and instead requested her daughter to keep her cool to ease the tension.

Is this a sign of bipolar or manic depression or simply IRRESPONSIBILITY?


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