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Toughest cabbage and bitter gourd

Uupsss, a hanging snake?  Nope, its a bitter gourdGardening

I love gardening. It is my dream to have an hectare of vegetables and herbs within reach. For a start, I planted 300 seedlings of cabbage, chili peppers, and tomatoes in my backyard. I also planted at least 50 pcs. each in front of my office.

Not so friendly weather

It took 4 months before I see the real thing. But sad to say, the weather was not that friendly: the entire garden was washed out. Nothing was left “standing” but three in my office.

Toughest veggies

Please take a look at these pictures… So lovely that you will say it’s a green rose instead of cabbage. And the other plant…can you guess what it is? Yes, its a different kind of bitter gourd. Wonder why there was a bitter gourd instead of tomatoes and chili peppers? Well, my fellow employees planted it without me knowing.

Is it a rose, a green rose?

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