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Congratulations Graduates of 2009

Its been 18 years now. I was once a graduate too! Receiving my hard earned college degree was not that simple. I experienced all sort of hardships from being a working student to becoming a young mother– “all-in-one package”. If you find it impossible to carry this incredible load, I did it with flying colors.! My time was pre-occupied with baby sitting after school (top ten graduating students.)

My hard earned Cum Laude Medal

My hard earned Cum Laude Medal

Early motherhood syndrome

I have no intention to pass my responsibility to my parents because it was me who chose my fate, but my parents, particularly my beloved mother was very supportive. I was hesitant to accept the financial help at first, but because of the early “motherhood syndrome” (no enough money to buy baby’s stuff and the like), I accepted the help with an endless “thank you”.

Summer graduation

I did not experience the usual graduation parade, the receiving of diploma and all sort of graduation ceremonies because I completed my degree in Summer of 1990.

Another Graduation

Last March 2008, I again experienced another graduation and this time t’was my eldest son. He graduated Cum Laude receiving the degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Mathematics. Math is the subject I dreaded before but my son completed it with flying colors.


Where did he get his talent? Hmmmm, of course, from me! Don’t bother to argue or else….Just kidding. How about my hubby? Let’s see….he was a Civil engineering undergrad…he was very good in mathematics…hmmm… No further questions please…but speaking of other subjects…of course t’was from me!

Anything to change?

Good memories to reminisce again and again and again…Need to change something?  Nyaaah!


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