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Top 25 Provider on oDesk!

A feat I can’t believe I achieved in just a few months of working hard. I received the good news today – June 2, 2009 at around 8:40pm.  To prove I’m telling the truth — not bluffing LOL  -> see the badge at the right (THIS WAY PLEASE –>)

The Story

In January of 2008,  I prayed for an additional income.  A job that will not cost me a penny in going to and fro: no transportation expense whatsoever.  A sideline work that makes use of my talent and yes, allows me to mingle with my children any minute, hour of the day – 24/7 (writing articles plus more.

Imminent Plant Closure

Out of a hundred plus workers, only three will stay: The manager, admin. asstnt. (me) and the warehouseman. A recession of sort…

Prayers Answered

This is the time the Lord answered my prayers (remember my January request?) He showed me the way to oDesk. A Catholic magazine in which I am a regular subscriber “told” me about oDesk.

My Profile -> Odesk really helps…

I immediately searched for the website and yes, applied but was hesitant at first because of …. never mind. I again consulted Kerygma forum for confirmation…and YES, they told me to go ahead and apply.

Without much ado, I applied and was hired in less than a month.

I will be with oDesk until…I reach the age of “maturity”, probably 150 years old (and counting…)

THANK YOU ODESK! If you need help in web, graphics designing, content writing, SEO, bookkeeping, VA, accounting and more…HIRE ME!

Join odesk here. Just press the JOIN button at the upper right column of this blog and you’re on your way to becoming a millionaire.


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