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Cotabato Bombing-July 5, ’09

I was shocked to know the recent bombing in Cotabato City.  Although killing was just a usual “affair” there, this bombing was nerve wracking because it was done in broad daylight: during the 8:00 to 9:00am mass just outside the Immaculate Cathedral. I can’t imagine the scene if the bomb was detonated in a throng of people outside the church.  Wheew!

Evil on Earth!

I know evil is everywhere, but for a truly religious country like the Philippines, I can’t fathom why unjustified killings  like this is happening.

Another religious war?

Hope not!  Cotabato City is the center of Mindanao and people from different religions like Christians, Muslims, HindusBuddhists, and other denominations are harmoniously living although differences sometimes resulted to an outcry, this does not justify the killing.  The recent bombing makes Cotabato City the center of attention after the AH1N1 scare.

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