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First Day at Nursery School

My Jeulyanna’s first day at nursery school was a big step towards her achieving a normal life. However, there are circumstances that need to be handled with care because she is not the usual student whom you can wake up at wee hours of the morning; getting her to prepare early aches my heart. I know she needs more sleep, but I can’t also sacrifice her right to learn not just the basic ABC’s but also the need to  mingle with normal kids.

Building her skills

If only my Jeulyanna is “normal” as the other kids in the nursery school, she will experience no stress at all. But I will do my part in helping her cope with the “normal” attitude of her schoolmates.

When books were distributed, I can’t help but shed tears (of joy) seeing my Jeulyanna reading (as if she was truly reading-lol).  She is indeed a book lover. Give her candies, cakes or any fancy food, she will still go for books.

I help her read but she will insist on her “expertise.” Instead of me teaching her, she will ask me to say what the picture is all about. In short, she will point to a certain picture and ask me to say what it is instead of me doing the “questioning” (LOL).

My Jeulyanna is now looking forward to seeing her “mam” and the kids in school every morning. As usual we are always late.

  1. July 30, 2009 at 1:50 am

    Don’t worry, your Jeulyanna will get used to waking up in the morning. :p

    • jeulyanna
      July 30, 2009 at 9:17 am

      Hi mam Liz,
      Thanks for this heartwarming reply. (Really appreciated). I will bring my Jeulyanna to her doctor because her mouth is aching and she is very restless. Again, thanks for this reply.

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