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Race against Time!

Scheduled to compete in the annual Shell chess championship game, my daughter Jerika is in a hurry.  A windy 8th of August, 2009 and nearly a hundred participants from our municipality joined the annual Chess event.  Pass 8am, I thought my Jerika was already late but alas, the driver was nowhere to be found.  Around 9am a big bus arrived enough to accommodate the raging elementary and secondary student participants and their respective buddies. Off they go to SM city: the venue of the chess championship game.

Teeth-grinding day

Jerika won 3.5 games out of 4. Not bad for an amateur player. And since the championship is scheduled for two days for the 7 games,  August 9 is another teeth-grinding day. The game is scheduled to start at 10am and the driver is again nowhere to be found:  Already pass 8am.  A furious me asked the head of the group where the driver is.  The scheduled game is the final 3 and the venue is an hour ride from our municipality. Imagine the time to race? It’s already pass 8 plus another hour plus the traffic, blah, blah, blah…I’m fuming mad. I don’t want to waste the game, so we decided to commute (together with the other players who are also soon-to-be champions). I shouldered the transportation expenses.  Off we go: 24 participants plus me and my two daughters, a total of 27.

Race against time

We took a half-filled  jeepney fifteen minutes before nine. Remember, the final lap will start at 10:00am. Since the jeepney is doing lots of stop-overs (to look for more passengers), I decided to transfer to a big bus to race against time. A right decision indeed because we arrived pass 10am and again, we ran till we dropped.

Arrived safely and… won


We arrived at SM around 10:30 and the participants rush to their respective chess tables notwithstanding the pressure of being tardy.  My Jerika managed a tie in spite her only 10 minutes remaining time. Imagine the pressure, but it’s worth it. My Jerika won 6 (5 plus two ties) games out of 7.

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