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Storm named Ondoy Visits the Philippines

A country visited by storm more than a dozen times: The Philippines. The recent one was “Ondoy”, internationally named “Ketsana”, left millions of people homeless, and dead bodies beyond recognition. Most of the victims lost everything in the flood. What will happen next to these people? Their homes were washed-away by raging floodwater and rampaging landslides.

The people have been informed to move in another place as the result of the recent government’s pronouncement of its incapability draining the floodwater in a month’s time. The many flooded villages, and towns are no longer fit to be inhabited by families because safety is no longer assured. With the continuous released of water by dams, coupled with more rains coming, danger is always in the offing.

These homeless people are again an added burden of the government. Where will the government resettle them? A question until now remains a question.

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