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I will Run for President IF…

Eyebrows “raising”? Don’t waste those muscles. Read first!

Election is just around the corner. Only in the Philippines where 99 hopefuls are vying for the highest post: The President of the Philippines. Glad I did not finalize my intention and if ever I will: sorry Me, it’s too late: candidacy filing ends last November 31, 2009 (wheeew! glad there’s no extension!)

Thinking twice before leaping? Yes, unless the following are realized, then I will run.

The Checklist:

1. Increase the salary of the President!
I still can’t believe that the salary of the president and the rest of the high ranking public officials such as the VP, senators, congressmen, etc. is considered a joke: P300,000.00 for the president of the republic of the Philippines. What the f___??? For me, this is one of the many reasons why corruption is but natural in this highly religious country. Imagine spending billions of pesos during the campaign in exchange for this few hundred thousand pesos monthly salary? I’m still sane that’s why I’d rather be the president of a multi-national company where salary is more than enough to live in a first class subdivision with free car and lots of benefits.

2. A brand new set of COMELEC officials with matching automated election process!
Unless otherwise there is a new set of COMELEC personnel, running for president is a no-no to me. Manual election process is loved by the “trapos” (traditional politicians), and I hate it.

3. Strict penalty for corrupt officials up to their last kin!
An everyday affair in the Philippines: corruption. Name it, you’ll feel it from the lowest position of Barangay captain up to the highest leader of the Country: The President. It’s a natural process. The best penalty is Death or skinning then rolled in a bed of salt…and yes, organic salt (it’s healthy!)

I still have so many additions to this list but the above three are the most important. I will not run for president if the above are not yet implemented.

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