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A Thrill to Spice Up Life!

Extravagant Fireworks Display – an event we wanted to witness no matter the venue lead us to a thrilling place we didn’t expect to be. The firework display was scheduled at 7pm and another one at 9pm on the 9th of May.  The venue can only be reached by private vehicles.  And since we don’t own one, we squatters areasettled for a tricycle.  Didn’t know where the exact venue was, we informed the driver our purpose. He then drove us to a place where we didn’t want to be: A very narrow road in what we call a squatters-area where streets were dimly lighted. 

We just followed the trail with our nerves already shaking.  After the 10 minutes thrill ride, we were delighted to see the highway. However, it was not the venue yet. We have to walk another 2 kilometers to reach the place. The driver warned us not to show-off our cellphones because the place is a haven for snatchers.  Off we go with the warning in tow. 

Upon reaching the place of the fireworks display, the warning still haunts us.  Afraid to go home on foot, we decided to leave the place and settled to “witness” the firework display in YouTube.  Wheww, what a thrilling journey.

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