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The Harsh Truth about “Life Begins at 40”

It is a common expression that life begins at forty.  But the harsh truth defines that the life that begins at forty is not a desirable life to start with. It is a fact that life at forty is more plagued with annoying bodily discomforts such as backaches, stomach aches (other aches), palpitations, chest pains, leg and joint pains, nervousness, hypertension and many, many more.  There is an endless list of ailments which beset our world today. Do you want to join the statistic of ailing forty?

Nobody wants to join for sure. I don’t either.  But turning away from the ball proves futile because many people spend their health to gain the much coveted wealth.  Later on, all their wealth is spend in a frenzy move to regain health. It seems like you are pulling the wool over your eyes.

The life that many are expecting to be a life full of color is no longer true.  Reality proves that the life that starts at forty is no other than the life full of sickness.  You work till the wee hours of the morning just to save for your retirement years. But the process of your saving proves critically wrong because you end up spending your savings in the local hospital, in a mental institution and worst the dreaded service of all times: memorial service.

Scared to know your penny pinching ways all ends up for nothing? This is really too high a price to pay.

For those who are very rich to prolong their sick bodies, they feed on suppressing remedies, to the point of eventually feeling too sick of being sick!

It seems to be inane to attempt defining health here. The numerous books and articles written about health is already more than enough to educate each one of us. Many institutions also promote health. Some even make business out of health. But the proven way to really know the truth about health is to rather study about disease, its causes, its nature and how it affects the human body. Why? Because the value of health is only appreciated when it is already lost, gone with the wind or is now considered an impossible dream. This is a more dramatic and realistic approach to defining health: Knowing what disease is.

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