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Sanguniang Kabataan (SK)-Has it actually Served the Purpose of its Existence?

Disco for a cause, sports tournament-these are the usual projects the Sanguniang Kabataan has gone into. Any other accomplishments you can add? The Sanguniang Kabataan (KS) started in 1992. Have you ever wondered if the youth really benefited from SK? Is SK really that significant to our community?  Do you know that the existence of SK cost us billions of pesos?

sleeping boyMaybe I am just unaware or rather misinformed but reality speaks louder than words. I am not ignorant but in my years of existence in our community, I haven’t heard much of SK. Is the SK really exists in our community? In paper, yes, but in action, uh oh!

For me, it is better for our youth to stay away from politics, away from an early association with corruption. Those between the ages of 15 to 18 should focus their attention to further their studies. Equip themselves with the latest in technology, in health, sports, music, arts and culture.

The reasoning of the youth to learn leadership at an early age is but frail and out of context.  The school already has the school government aside from the different organizations.  There is No need to enter politics.

Let’s not waste the lives of our youth by starting them young-to be corrupt. There are other important matters to attend to in replacement to the Sanguniang Kabataan. It only takes one firm decision to implement the big change.

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