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“Doctor” Your Sister’s Love life!

Want to be a doctor to treat a “bug”? Looks like your sister is experiencing a “bug” in her love life: so easily forgiving in spite the never-ending story of her philandering husband.

You have fallen in love yourself. Even so, you learned from experienced the certainty of a win in the end story. It’s time to pass that “skill” to your younger sister who is now in the midst of being “crowned a martyr of the century.” philandering husband

“Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind”. But this is easier said than done in the eyes of your “blind” sister. She knows she is ruining her life but she is a woman – in love and do not know how to stand on her own with her three boys in tow. And here you are…to the rescue!

You did everything to cure her blindness, but now she is deaf too. Why do you make yourself sick just to awaken your sister who seems to depict the sleeping beauty effect? You exhausted all effort to be her sister-in-shining-armor. You’ve done your part, yanked at her conscience, but, sorry, she is still ‘deaf’. Seems like you are talking to a FB blank wall! NO effect!

She may indicate agreement with your “sermon”, but reality is harsh—she is still seeing her philandering husband -secretly. No problem – Josephus is still her husband.

Nothing you will say now knocks her mind – she’s obviously frenzied over her hubby. Straightening her life is probably noble-but you have to let her go. Allow her to do her thing. She is old enough to know the truth and the consequences of her decision. She alone carries her load. And you, you are just at the backstage – ready to help when it’s time to “change costume” for the next show.

Be her friend, her shoulder to cry on. It’s her life, her husband and her choice.

Just some points to ponder:
Doctor your sister’s love life for a “fee” – “kick her butt” every time she asks for advice. 

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