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You Have to Be Cruel to be Kind!

“Cruelty” is…well, good…sometimes. If you find me weird, then, let me explain!

There are instances in our life when we have to practice austerity though money is overflowing. Same thing with getting good results after being “cruel”.

If you are a mother of two or more school kids, do you think you can handle the stress without exercising your vocal cords every morning?

Is the early noise not a “cruel” act? Do you think your children will heed your call if you just let them do their thing? Modern way of disciplining a child is more on the gentle side – good in some instances. However, reality speaks otherwise. Applying unorthodox parenting has its good and bad points. How to balance, depends on how you, as parents apply it.

“Cruelty” in its truest sense of the word is NOT good. However, apply “cruelty” in some situation with caution, it will bring in a good person out of a bad. Trust me!

It is better to be hated as long as the “cruel” ways will one day contribute to the character of the children (to become better persons).

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