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Is Your Marriage in the Pit of Hell? Want Some Help? Read On and Be Saved!

There is no right man in a marriage done in an instant. Marrying the right man is not a task so easy to do. One has to check the background; verify until the last source is uncovered. Verification is the first step and it is not an easy task either. A woman has to disguise as a FBI agent” to investigate all possible issues that may be in the man. But what if the woman is madly in love and the first step is not in her vocabulary?

Heaven on Earth?

So the woman is now married to the man she thought will give her heaven on earth. The man was faultless for the first two or three months, however on the fourth, the scary scene of war is now beginning to unfold. The beating is still bearable, but the thought of surviving on the fifth and so months is now nil.

What to do?

Do not panic. There is a solution to every problem. The following practical survival tips may help in getting back the life once made in heaven:

1. Be Calm. Don’t panic. Nothing is more comforting than becoming calm in the midst of “madness”.
2. Do not show any signs of resentment. Be a “saint” even for a while. This will save you from the pit of “hell”.
3. Show appreciation. Even if the thought of ending the man’s life is more favorable.
4. Continue doing the regular house chores with no reservations.
5. Do not face any argument with a red face. Talk with a happy face. Getting your face done with make-up may help cover anger.
6. Seek the help of a close friend or if money is overflowing, go to a certified marriage counselor.
7. If beating has been done, see the nearest man in authority and report the incident.
8. Be firm. Do not be fooled with another promise of heaven on earth.
9. Be a part of “violence against women” crusade
10. Be active in pursuing justice in spite the odds

If the ten practical tips seem to not work and the woman wants to save her marriage for the sake of her children, then be prepared to be a part of the “forgotten saints”.

Remember, preserving a marriage roofed in hostilities is not a good example. If there are survivors, it is because of luck. Luck by the way is defined as “success that you have by chance and not because of anything that you do.”

So, do you want to experience luck the hard way? Go, get yourself insured!

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