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Are You Afraid to Resign After 19 Years of Office Work?

how to be successful and earn millions in less than a year I am secured working eight hours (or more) a day seven days a week. It was a routine for 19 years.

After getting my children ready for school, I rushed to dress up myself and head to my office. I usually had heated debates with my husband for being late in getting our kids from school and me from work after the end of a long work period. Imagine doing this routine for straight 19 years. Not a joke huh!

It took me two years before I finally made my decision. Ceasing to work in an office after nineteen years is a mixed emotion. How can I just end the routine without securing my family finances?

Yes, I’m not financially secured during that back and forth, up and down debates of finally ending my office work career. But I still decided to take the plunge and not end up in the pit of uncertainty.

I quit my job after two years of hard thinking. I finally decided to work from home: be my boss, be with my kids and exchange flying kisses all the time.

Even though I am financially spent, I left my job with big dreams of making something remarkable out of my decision. I continued working online (my sideline before but is now my main money earner).

In no time, my hard work pays off. I started earning triple than what I was receiving monthly 19 years ago.

I am now able to pay my bills on time and no longer at the mercy of deadlines. I really believe that working from home is a wonderful blessings from Above. Gone are the days that I rushed just to be on time for work, meetings, seminars and other office responsibilities.

I’m the head of my office department…before. Now, I’m the manager of myself, managing my time – I am my boss.

Thinking of taking a big leap, too? Wait! You have to realize first that there is so much to change in your life. Think not twice but ten times ten before you gamble the future of your kids.

Remember, when we talk of personal finances, we are absolutely not on the same shoes.

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