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4 Not So Easy, Not So Hard Tips on How Not to Lose Your Temper and What to Do When You Lose It


When you’re deprived of sleep, child throws a tantrum even at the smallest things, then she falls on the floor if she can’t get what she wants; your teen daughter knows how to wear make-up but can’t tidy her own space, admit it: you are about to lose your temper and to scream (at the top of your lungs) is a relief. Lo and behold, I forgive you for forgetting that patience is a virtue.

Hey, no need to call 911 just yet. Follow these tips to tame the tiger in you:

1. Cool Off:

Fires are burning hotter, cool down the area by pouring cool water over. You should do the same when dealing with difficult children or upsetting situation – don’t say a word (that word may be the “killing sword”), back off, proceed to take a shower, or go for a walk…a long walk – a mile or two is a great start (who knows, you’ll soon end up a contender for a walkathon).

Cool off by using a positive attitude instead of a punitive one. Easier said than done, I know. But hey, when do you think is the right time to mentally stop before your anger gets the best of you?

2. Express Regret:

Let me tell you a story. I once screamed my rage (I remembered it reaching the top of Mt. Everest) because my son did not heed my words. I used bad words like st&*^%*, du&*^, da^%$#, idi*^&%$ and pu&^%$#*: those words can “kill”. Glad, they were not so “sharp” to make a cut.
Often, realization comes when you already hurt the feelings of others. I regret being so hard with my son and what I did was really wrong.

happy facesRemember, consequences of events whether you have little control or in control, you have to express regrets. It is appropriate for your children to deserve your sympathy after being an angry bird. Say you’re sorry, then, admit to becoming frustrated with what happened.

3. What Makes You Angry?

List down what elicits the anger. Is it when your kids bring home a low grade (lower than before?), a habit of grumbling, or lack of respect especially for older adults? Refresh your memory, the list can be simple. Just do your homework and you’ll end up getting the highest grade possible.

4. Plans are Fun to Make:

Especially if you work together with your children, plans surely would be fun to make. Write how everyone should deal with anger especially in a difficult situation. What area in the house helps cool down the feeling of anger? How about a long minute walk or a cool shower?

Remember that counting from one to eternity is still a good choice to die down the fire.

Parenting is real and you know that it is in no way easy. Having a plan designed to deal with anger and not losing your temper easily makes all the difference.

Tame the tiger within you…Learn How Not to Lose Your Temper easily!

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  1. Jorex
    April 21, 2012 at 12:11 am

    wow, nice tips… 😀

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