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I Can’t Write For $3 or $4 Per 500 Words Article (I’m worth more than those figures)

US dollar signToday, I received an unexpected comment (in response to one of my tech blog post) with a pitch of interest in my writing. I will be hypocrite if I say I’m not excited. It’s my first time to receive money making opportunities from a reader.

It took me another day to respond as I am busy with my other projects. My head began to spin as I opened my mail and start scribbling to my heart’s content.

I noticed when I’m almost done with my long response, my fingers started hurting, and I stopped. I ended my reply with a question of how I can be of help.

After hours of waiting (actually I’m working while waiting) I got a reply. My thought of having a new gig as a writer is now confirmed. He liked my writing. Yes. He finds me nice, I mean, my writing gets a new lease on life, yippee!

fountain penThe usual interview starts. I was in no doubt that he is a legitimate boss. Knowing he is all over the net: a profile of a good mentor, writer, and one of the finest, I had to give my complete name (this is required) to qualify me to be part of his team and for the payout (the most important part of the conversation.)

He welcomed me well. Hmm, what about the fee per article? He said to just ask once a project is on the hook. Okay, I’m IN.

He noticed that I’m more focus on SEO style of writing, so he provided me with articles to help me out (he’s into copywriting style, that’s why.) I religiously read them (whoa, this is great, FREE learning!)

I had come across while reading through the report sheet (where writers are going to post their finished projects) some information about article fees. There was neither a peso sign nor an Obama dollar. Curious, so I dig deeper. The 200.00 I saw was in peso, no, not Mexican, but Philippine peso.

Actually, I’m paid by the hour and per word and in dollars – US dollars. This got me into thinking, if to convert, I can’t write for $3 or $4 per 500 words article (I’m worth five times more than those figures – by the hour and $0.50 per word.)

The question now is…

Will I consider this new gig a fashion statement to fill my wallet with a few paper bills? Or coins to fill my coin purse?

Oh, by the way, I noticed a sizable amount of writing request in my email. What about this new gig? I’ll try not to pack it up in my cold case files.

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  1. December 12, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    It’s an insult to any writer to get paid that cheap!

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