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The Impossible Dream Is Made Possible By the Internet of Things

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Suspecting wives can now leave their worries behind. Their dream of tracking down and knowing the owners of those smudge of lipsticks on their husbands’ neck is just a button away. Thanks to the Internet of Things: the impossible is made possible in a minuscule of a chip (and codes) Save some cash for the application.

The concept of IoT is to automate everything possible. For frequent travelers, there’s no more room for worry over missing luggge. Luggage can now “talk” and tell they have arrived. Not literally though. A recent application named Bag-Claim Travel application has made the “talking” luggage possible. It’s now on the market.

The Bag-claim travel application is an advancement of luggage tags. A user only needs an iPhone that has wireless receiver. This application is very useful especially if you have five or more luggage and remembering them makes you faint. Worry no more! You can sip a cup of your favorite coffee latte while waiting for your luggage to arrive.

How about your eyes instead of your fingers to write and send messages? That will come by year 2013. A new technology designed by Danish developers targets the eyes to control and write messages. Aha! Sending messages no longer have to be with codes and fingers. These Danish developers are now looking for Smartphone producers to make this application public. More stories about Internet of Things.

International Conference on Information Security and Cyber Forensics

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  1. September 10, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    The best thing is that the luggage scales can also be used as a gift for a person who
    travels a lot. Most owners of any luggage set actually use them infrequently.
    You ought to take note your laptop’s serial and device numbers, setup and use a password and make a back-up of your e-mail messages and private data.

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