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Do You Know How Angels such as Cherubim and Seraphim Actually Look Like?

What are Angels?

cherubimAngels are spiritual beings called by God to protect His people. Unlike cellular phones, angels can only stay in one place at a time according to the Bible.

How Do Angels Look Like – Biblical Descriptions?

Angels are permanent residents of heaven. They are beautiful spirits who are picture perfect, no flaws, wearing white and have wings. But did you know that angels are described the opposite in the Bible?

Angels True Image

The Bible mentioned several kinds of angels. They have different jobs. Some of the very popular angels are cherubim, archangels and seraphim.


Resurgence of new sculptors created new descriptions for cherubim. They depict those angels as cute babies with little wings, bow and arrow and a leaf to cover the gender part. John Milton added a harp to totally complete the cute makeover.

Sad to say, cherubim are not cute in the Bible. They are fearsome and monstrous looking. In the Bible, cherubim were half-human, and often with lion’s body and wings spread like that of an eagle (Ezekiel 10:14.) King Hiram’s throne was guarded by cherubim.


seraphimThe seraphim were described in the book of prophet Isaiah as heavenly beings with six wings (instead of two). Two of the wings are used for flying while the rest are used to cover their whole body. They also used those wings to cover their faces once they come near God. Seraphim are positioned flying above God’s throne.

Contrary to popular belief, angels never got a chance to sing in the Bible, though there are lots of singings going on in there. Maybe they can sing, however, the bible says nothing about them belting beautiful songs.

Now you know how angels actually look like, do you think you still want to have them by your side?


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