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I Can’t Connect to the Internet. PLDT DSL Modem Problem


PLDT modemI got these modem settings since Feb. 16, 2015: Green lights are on for DSL, Internet, WIFI, LAN – perfect. But I can’t surf the web. I don’t have network access. WTF!

Internet connection, I believe, is still wandering in the twilight zone. In short, my modem is broken and sick. I called 172, the number to call for no internet connection complaint. As usual, I heard reassuring voice on the phone – no action after wards.

It’s now the third day since I phoned my complaint. I texted the technician about my problem and the only response I got was to call 172 to report my complaint. WTF!! How many reference numbers should I collect before my connection problem is resolve? I already got five. Grrrrr!

If only BFF and MILF own a 172 version, I prefer calling them for fast resolution of my internet connection. Problem is, these combative, fierce groups only possess deadly weapons and they’re busy fighting for their freedom, ugh!

Where would I go from here? I don’t know. I am at the mercy of this giant called PLDT DSL. I plan calling congress, the senate or the office of the Vice President, hmmm, maybe the President of the Philippines? OMG! My problem is nuts compared to what’s happening in the Philippines.

7:40am, today, I called 172 again. This time, a female rep gave me assurance of fast resolution of my case. She told me to call back before noon if I received no response from the technical people. It’s 8:30am, three hours before noon.

I guess I’ll have to wait. I’m near hysterical, I tell you. I’m praying patience would sit beside me until my connection is restored. Patience, please bear with me, okay? Okay.

  1. sally canlas flores
    June 3, 2015 at 11:03 am

    i have internet connection but no wifi for almost 2 months. i try to call 171 & 172 they just give me this ref. no. then end of conversation .pls send us a technician to repair my wifi connection.sayang naman ang binabayad ko monthly for wifi. im paying p1,880.00 a month. plssssssss. repair asap!!!!!!!

    • June 3, 2015 at 4:13 pm

      I feel you, Sally. Did you go to PLDTs office? I don’t think the in-charge would allow you to go home without any hint of a cure. Did you check your computer’s wifi status? The problem might be IN there and not with PLDT since you mentioned that there’s a wave of internet connection. Check your computer’s wifi first OR try using internet cable for connection. If you still can’t connect, then bombard PLDT with your complaint.

      Mine was solved after I showered them with calls of distress. I went to their office as well to personally vent. It took hours when they solved my case. Thanks God.🙂

      Thanks for airing your complaint. I’m sure people from PLDT would (one day) read this.

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