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What is Kombucha Tea? Why is Kombucha Tea Controversial?

February 26, 2012 1 comment


When sales in bottled water, sodas, energy drink dropped because of poor economy, there is this tea that sold a whooping $295 million last year. Have you heard of this tea known also as mushroom? This tea is shaped like a mushroom when the main organisms – yeast and bacteria – carry out fermentation.

Originally found in East Asia, mushroom tea has been known to cure cancer, have sufficient amount of vitamins such as vitamin B, boost immunity, improved digestion and liver function.

Reports have shown that enthusiastic drinkers of mushroom tea have experienced improvement in their complexion, weight loss, and decrease in hair loss. One significant statement comes from the founder of Synergy Kombucha, G.T. Dave. He claimed that his mother, who consumed only Kombucha, won her battle against cancer.

Ardent drinkers of Kombucha tea believe they are drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. But FDA found high alcohol content and recommends pasteurization.

What is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha Tea is a living health tea that tastes like a dazzling apple cider and champagne depending on what kind of tea is being used. The name of the tea is said to have come from Japan in the year 415 D.

The country’s Emperor Inyko was treated by a Korean physician named Kombu or Kambu. When healed, the emperor named the tea after the physician’s name – “Kombu” and “cha” which means tea.

Health Benefits???

In spite of the enormous health benefits shared by frequent drinkers, Kombucha tea is still in question. Can mushroom tea really prevent cancer? The FDA has warned consumers to be careful when consuming this tea.

Kombucha tea controversy should be corrected. If not, the very essence which makes this tea appealing to its consumers will remain in question.

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Total Ban On Spas, Massage Parlors Nationwide. What’s Up?

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

spa accessoriesSpa also called Balneotherapy is linked with water therapy. Massage parlors’, spa resorts, spa parlors in general offer diverse health cure where the principle in the healing strength of mineral waters goes back to primitive period.

Such custom has been prevalent globally, but is particularly extensive in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also fairly widespread, and present a variety of individual nurture therapy.

Spa and Massage Parlors are Forbidden

What will come about if there is a circular prohibition on spas and massage parlors’ to operate anywhere in the country?

The ban issue happened in the Maldives. The government forbids operation of any spa and massage centers nationwide. Talking to reporters during a press conference held at the country’s first resort – Kurumba Maldives resort – the president said that the government has asked the Supreme Court for its opinion whether spas are legal under the Maldives.

The president affirmed his belief that considerable margin of Maldivians refuse religious fanaticism and want to go on the fair form of Islam.

The government’s action was seen by the oppositions as against Islam. The group then stand up for their religion and staged a rally in Male’ on the 23rd of December 2011.

In the course of that rally, all the key opposition parties in the country show aggression over the government’s religious authority which, eventually lead the government to order outlawing all spas, massage parlors and other business entities with the same concept from operating in the country.

From the time when the government forbids operation of spas, the opposition celebrated. However, when resort owners told the government as well as the oppositions that what happened will damage the countries tourism industry, the oppositions promptly changed their stance and stated they do not want to hurt the countries tourism industry.

The government’s challenge has awakened the nation from sleep and set off a well national debate in connection with the future of the country. Majority of the people refuse fanaticism.

Ban Already Lifted

The lifted ban is a testimony that the government has place the interest of national progress first before anything else. The Maldives is now heading towards a positive route to place the government in a good position.

Take note, spas, massage parlors, hot tubs have health benefits, so they should not be banned one way or another. More about hot tub and its accessories i.e. hot tub covers here.

Effective Cure and Tips to Treat Aches

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Stay 10 Years Younger Than Your Age

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