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What to Do with Difficult People?

June 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Exclude in your list the “killer instinct.” You don’t want to end up in a place where insects are your regular visitors. Master the art HERE: HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE


You Have to Be Cruel to be Kind!

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

“Cruelty” is…well, good…sometimes. If you find me weird, then, let me explain!

There are instances in our life when we have to practice austerity though money is overflowing. Same thing with getting good results after being “cruel”.

If you are a mother of two or more school kids, do you think you can handle the stress without exercising your vocal cords every morning?

Is the early noise not a “cruel” act? Do you think your children will heed your call if you just let them do their thing? Modern way of disciplining a child is more on the gentle side – good in some instances. However, reality speaks otherwise. Applying unorthodox parenting has its good and bad points. How to balance, depends on how you, as parents apply it.

“Cruelty” in its truest sense of the word is NOT good. However, apply “cruelty” in some situation with caution, it will bring in a good person out of a bad. Trust me!

It is better to be hated as long as the “cruel” ways will one day contribute to the character of the children (to become better persons).

How to Accept Losing your Memory as a Way to Redemption

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

There is no easy way to show appreciation especially if you consider your love one as one of your “mortal enemies”. Divorce is made of this. But I am not talking here of appreciating only your loved love ones. I am referring to all.

I’m sure you will look twenty years younger than your age if you master the showing of appreciation no matter the issue. Why? Because you will have less stress, fewer fights and more peace of mind.

When you get married, your eyes are wide open. After the ceremony, it is a must that you close one eye. This is one way of mastering the appreciation thing. When you get married, you already left behind the issues concerning the background, the belief, and the preferences of your partner. So there is no reason to evaluate him again.

You are now in the realm of accepting your partner no matter what he is made of, and how he gives you hell rather than the heaven you are wishing for. Fixing him is like finding a needle in a stock of hay. So better fix yourself. It’s far easier than fixing the other person.

It’s time to start appreciating the beauty within your husband (although you can’t find if there is any.) When you accept your husband, you will learn to live like you are in the midst of losing your memory.  You will become grateful towards him, and you will now start reaping the fruits of your memory loss.

These few (hard) instances will help you develop appreciation:

  1. If the cigarette ash left by your husband makes your home a mini Sahara desert, don’t nag. Learn to accept that you are alone and no one can help clean it for you.
  2. Always remember that you are attracted to your husband and that his uniqueness makes him more lovable. A martyr effect? Of course not.
  3. Don’t hide your appreciation. Be proud to show it no matter how you want him “dead” for throwing his garbage the wrong way.

Gratitude will help you accept things the way it is. You will also learn that losing your memory for a while will give you a new level of redeeming your relationship. Sounds easier said than done? This is better than not doing anything at all.

Too Much Assumption is Dangerous!

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Learning that enrollment is now going on for school year 2010-2011,  Notre Dame Academy I immediately asked the report cards of my two boys who are incoming first year students. I received no reply but a blank stare. Sensing my anger to nearly burst, with a deep sigh, I went to their respective teachers to personally get the report cards, but to no avail.  Wheew, what a day!

I thought my kids already have their report cards. I assumed too much. Equipped with no documents except my sincerity and willingness to compromise, I successfully enrolled my two boys at Notre Dame Academy.  Thanks to the ever accommodating principal, and the teachers. I promised to submit the requirements before the end of May, 2010.

Lessons learned: Too much assumption is dangerous! Important or not, remember to follow-up issues, and keep documents in its proper place. Never let your kids do their own thing without you supervising it.  Let them be responsible in everything they do.

Tantrums Galore

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Many talents

My beloved Jeulyanna is a wide reader, good dancer and a good singer in spite her being puny. You might wonder, “A wide reader? How?” Yes, Jeulyanna loves to read all sorts of reading materials from old junk newspapers to wholesome glossy magazines. Although her speech is not that fluent yet, she reads a lot. She will never leave a magazine unless she reads everything: from cover to cover. She’s very cute.

Not in the mood

I arrived at around 6:00pm last night. I noticed my Jeulyanna was not in the mood. I tried to hug her but she cried enough to deafen me. Her high-pitch voice comparable to a bird is enough to make your eardrum feel “sorry”.  Going back to her tantrums..hummmmm…I just cuddled her more and sung her favorite lullaby….we sung together. Yes, she sings very well and in tune but the lyrics.

Very lovely Special Child

February 6, 2009 4 comments

I gave birth

To my very lovely, special child on the 11th day of July, 2003. She is my 6th child. During my preggy months, I remembered wanting to eat crabs. But because it was not yet in season, my husband failed to gave in to my cravings. I also hated the smell of chicken bar-b-q, and powdered juice drinks. Nonetheless, I gave birth normally.

The usual cry was not heard

The midwife tried everything to make sure my baby was okay. With God’s help, my baby cried although for just a few seconds, at least, she cried.

Life was usual until

My eldest son noticed something unusual. My Jeulyanna seems to be deaf because no matter how loud we called her name, no reaction was seen from her. I did not bother to make a big fuss of it, until she reached the age of 3. No words uttered, no eye contact whatsoever. Just a blank stare.


My eldest son told me, my Jeulyanna was autistic. It’s my first time to hear such a word. Mother’s instinct forced me to rigidly research. I knew then that my beloved Jeulyanna has mild autism disorder. I said mild (although I’m not a doctor) because she possesses the considered mild symptoms of autism disorder. The more I love this child. She needs my help, guidance and endless love.

Can now say words

She can now say words but not so straight. She can also point where the moon is. I applied the GFCF diet (learned from a seminar I attended about dealing with autism disorder). As much as possible, I tried to get rid of all dairy products particularly milk. Its hard but if coupled with the will to succeed, I can beat this disorder the soonest possible time.

I love my beloved, special child, no matter what.

My beloved Jeulyanna

My beloved Jeulyanna

Is this Bipolar Disorder or Simply Irresponsibility?

February 6, 2009 1 comment

If you were the wife what will you do?

“Give me my four days salary or else I will sell your cellphone,” said by mr. X.

A partial look at what happened

Jan. 24 is the birthday of the couple’s 4th child. To celebrate it, mr. X told his wife to buy three live chickens and the needed ingredients.  Sensing that money was not enough, the wife told her husband to buy first the chicken and the ingredients will just follow.

Sudden mood change

Mr. X’s uttered in an angry toned voice, “next time, don’t ever dare to say yes if you cannot do it”.  Aghast, the wife reacted, “did I not say we will buy the chicken first and the ingredients will follow?” This triggered the already angry Mr. X.

Be cool

The wife just kept her cool and allow Mr. X to continue murmuring.

“Where’s the cellphone?” the daughter asked. The mother ordered her hubby to return it.  Instead of adhering, the angry mr. X shouted (at the top of his voice which was enough to reach Mt. Everest.) Sigh!

As usual

The daughter bragged her father’s irresponsibility. Hearing her said this, mr. X, in a very loud voice, shouted at his daughter.

Tried to pacify but… the wife failed and instead requested her daughter to keep her cool to ease the tension.

Is this a sign of bipolar or manic depression or simply IRRESPONSIBILITY?