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New Year Resolutions: Real “Solutions”?

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Hmmm, I don’t think so!

You have to affirm realistically what you want to be not only for the incoming year, but eternally. What’s happening now is more on the cutie, tweetoms, sweety show off of what you want others to know of what you will become in the coming year. You have to give yourself time to mature in order to experience the real meaning of new year resolution.

A New Pretty sister LizaIf new year resolutions really offer real solutions, you no longer need to draft your promises every year. New Year Resolutions are not an assurance of you changing for the better. One promise is more than enough to better not only your life, but the life of others too.

Keep your mind open to more possibilities of learning many things – today and  everyday!









“Doctor” Your Sister’s Love life!

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Want to be a doctor to treat a “bug”? Looks like your sister is experiencing a “bug” in her love life: so easily forgiving in spite the never-ending story of her philandering husband.

You have fallen in love yourself. Even so, you learned from experienced the certainty of a win in the end story. It’s time to pass that “skill” to your younger sister who is now in the midst of being “crowned a martyr of the century.” philandering husband

“Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind”. But this is easier said than done in the eyes of your “blind” sister. She knows she is ruining her life but she is a woman – in love and do not know how to stand on her own with her three boys in tow. And here you are…to the rescue!

You did everything to cure her blindness, but now she is deaf too. Why do you make yourself sick just to awaken your sister who seems to depict the sleeping beauty effect? You exhausted all effort to be her sister-in-shining-armor. You’ve done your part, yanked at her conscience, but, sorry, she is still ‘deaf’. Seems like you are talking to a FB blank wall! NO effect!

She may indicate agreement with your “sermon”, but reality is harsh—she is still seeing her philandering husband -secretly. No problem – Josephus is still her husband.

Nothing you will say now knocks her mind – she’s obviously frenzied over her hubby. Straightening her life is probably noble-but you have to let her go. Allow her to do her thing. She is old enough to know the truth and the consequences of her decision. She alone carries her load. And you, you are just at the backstage – ready to help when it’s time to “change costume” for the next show.

Be her friend, her shoulder to cry on. It’s her life, her husband and her choice.

Just some points to ponder:
Doctor your sister’s love life for a “fee” – “kick her butt” every time she asks for advice. 

How to Accept Losing your Memory as a Way to Redemption

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

There is no easy way to show appreciation especially if you consider your love one as one of your “mortal enemies”. Divorce is made of this. But I am not talking here of appreciating only your loved love ones. I am referring to all.

I’m sure you will look twenty years younger than your age if you master the showing of appreciation no matter the issue. Why? Because you will have less stress, fewer fights and more peace of mind.

When you get married, your eyes are wide open. After the ceremony, it is a must that you close one eye. This is one way of mastering the appreciation thing. When you get married, you already left behind the issues concerning the background, the belief, and the preferences of your partner. So there is no reason to evaluate him again.

You are now in the realm of accepting your partner no matter what he is made of, and how he gives you hell rather than the heaven you are wishing for. Fixing him is like finding a needle in a stock of hay. So better fix yourself. It’s far easier than fixing the other person.

It’s time to start appreciating the beauty within your husband (although you can’t find if there is any.) When you accept your husband, you will learn to live like you are in the midst of losing your memory.  You will become grateful towards him, and you will now start reaping the fruits of your memory loss.

These few (hard) instances will help you develop appreciation:

  1. If the cigarette ash left by your husband makes your home a mini Sahara desert, don’t nag. Learn to accept that you are alone and no one can help clean it for you.
  2. Always remember that you are attracted to your husband and that his uniqueness makes him more lovable. A martyr effect? Of course not.
  3. Don’t hide your appreciation. Be proud to show it no matter how you want him “dead” for throwing his garbage the wrong way.

Gratitude will help you accept things the way it is. You will also learn that losing your memory for a while will give you a new level of redeeming your relationship. Sounds easier said than done? This is better than not doing anything at all.