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Can’t handle stress?

I’ve been feasted with disease called stress. Another occurrence last night. As I was busy attending to my home based work, my husband kept on rumbling about me working even at odd hours. And since it’s hard to work in that situation I told my daughter to keep an eye on my computer and text me if there are problems.

If something untoward happens, I will blame no one but my husband. My daughter told me the following day that my employer  sense something “fishy” about the presence of “somebody”  (not me). Oh my, I confronted my husband and told him how to address this problem?  He just shrugged it off as if nothing happens.

The harm has been done, I thought of solving this as soon as possible.  I called my employer to air my side. I felt his being upset that I toned down my plea to explain.  I emailed him my explanation.

Thought I can’t do anything to ease his “anger”, I conditioned myself to accept the inevitable.

Stress anyone? Hmmm..I got so many.


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