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I Can’t Connect to the Internet. PLDT DSL Modem Problem

February 25, 2015 2 comments


PLDT modemI got these modem settings since Feb. 16, 2015: Green lights for DSL – ON. Internet, WIFI, LAN – ON – perfect! But wait, I can’t surf the web. No network access. WTF!

Internet connection is wandering in twilight zone?? Oh dear, my modem is heart broken, sick. I dialed 172, the number to call for no internet connection complaint. As usual,  the agent read his spiel full of reassuring words – action? Nadah, waley.

Day three since I phoned my complaint. This time, I texted the technician. Lucky for me he responded…”call 172.” WTF!! How many reference numbers should I collect before my connection problem is fix? I already got five. Grrrrr!

If only BFF and MILF own a 172 version, I’m sure they’ll heed my cry for help. Problem is, these combative, fierce groups only possess deadly weapons, ready for bloody resolution of their cause – scary, ugh!

Where do I go from here? Don’t know. I am at the mercy of this giant dude called PLDT DSL. Should I call congress, the senate, the office of the Vice President, hmmm,  the President of the Philippines? OMG! My problem is nuts compared to what’s happening in the Philippines.

7:40am, today, I called 172 again. This time, a female rep promised to solve my dilemma. I was told to call back before noon if no technician is on sight. It’s 8:30am, three hours before noon – goodluck me!

I guess I’ll have to wait. I’m hysterical in silent mode. Patience, please be at my side until my connection is restored.