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Maguindanao Massacre : 57 dead

57 dead, all civilians in Maguindanao: an entry in Guinness? What a shame!

For a country with so many warlords, election violence is just an everyday affair. The sudden loss of 57 innocent lives is too much to bear. These pictures will speak more.

The prime suspect belonging to the “untouchable” Ampatuans was taken into custody on Thursday (Nov. 26), 3 days after the gruesome murder. As usual, denial of the century quote, “”The reason I came out is to prove that I am not hiding and that I am not guilty,” suspected Andal Ampatuan said to the local reporters.

Wheeww!  Who do you think killed those innocent people? Who allowed the use of the backhoe obviously owned by Maguindanao province with painted name of the Governor which happened to be an Ampatuan too? Magic?

For a country known to be a haven of warlords specifically in Mindanao, senseless killing never stops. The troubled long-running Muslim separatist rebellion should be put to a halt once and for all.  HOW? Only a leader with a strong political will can wave the “magic wand.” Now that election is just around the corner, will killings of the same kind be stopped? Only time will tell.

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