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Mung Beans Soup Three Times A Day!

April 5, 2013 Leave a comment

growing mung beansFor breakfast, lunch and dinner mung beans soup is the centerpiece of my family’s dining table.

Not that we have no other choice for a dish, but mung beans soup has captured the hearts of my family especially my eldest son, (not to forget) my 78 years old father. I usually cooked the beans with veggies, meat (pork, beef or chicken), fresh or dried fish or just plain.

Mung beans, also called Pinyin in Chinese and Maash in Hebrew are legumes that originate in China some 2000 years ago. These beans are popular in Asia.

Just like the other legumes, mung beans are healthy. They are rich in proteins, lecithin and zinc. The alphabets of vitamins – A, B, C, D, E, K, folic acid, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium are in the beans too. .

mung beans soup

These almost sodium-free beans not only help lower blood cholesterol levels, the Phytoestrogens in them also fight skin aging. Hmm, does this answers why I look younger than my age?

Oh, it’s lunch time – mung beans soup again? Yep, but there’s another dish on the sidelines.


Do You Believe in Superstitions?

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

st. elmo's fireDo you believe in superstitions? Hmm, superstitions are all perfectly timed as coincidence and mostly not based on any science.

However, there are some that can be explained by Science. Check this out… Superstitions with Scientific Explanations.

Do You Know How Angels such as Cherubim and Seraphim Actually Look Like?

July 17, 2012 1 comment

What are Angels?

cherubimAngels are spiritual beings called by God to protect His people. Unlike cellular phones, angels can only stay in one place at a time according to the Bible.

How Do Angels Look Like – Biblical Descriptions?

Angels are permanent residents of heaven. They are beautiful spirits who are picture perfect, no flaws, wearing white and have wings. But did you know that angels are described the opposite in the Bible?

Angels True Image

The Bible mentioned several kinds of angels. They have different jobs. Some of the very popular angels are cherubim, archangels and seraphim.


Resurgence of new sculptors created new descriptions for cherubim. They depict those angels as cute babies with little wings, bow and arrow and a leaf to cover the gender part. John Milton added a harp to totally complete the cute makeover.

Sad to say, cherubim are not cute in the Bible. They are fearsome and monstrous looking. In the Bible, cherubim were half-human, and often with lion’s body and wings spread like that of an eagle (Ezekiel 10:14.) King Hiram’s throne was guarded by cherubim.


seraphimThe seraphim were described in the book of prophet Isaiah as heavenly beings with six wings (instead of two). Two of the wings are used for flying while the rest are used to cover their whole body. They also used those wings to cover their faces once they come near God. Seraphim are positioned flying above God’s throne.

Contrary to popular belief, angels never got a chance to sing in the Bible, though there are lots of singings going on in there. Maybe they can sing, however, the bible says nothing about them belting beautiful songs.

Now you know how angels actually look like, do you think you still want to have them by your side?

The Impossible Dream Is Made Possible By the Internet of Things

May 21, 2012 1 comment

internet of things

Suspecting wives can now leave their worries behind. Their dream of tracking down and knowing the owners of those smudge of lipsticks on their husbands’ neck is just a button away. Thanks to the Internet of Things: the impossible is made possible in a minuscule of a chip (and codes) Save some cash for the application.

The concept of IoT is to automate everything possible. For frequent travelers, there’s no more room for worry over missing luggge. Luggage can now “talk” and tell they have arrived. Not literally though. A recent application named Bag-Claim Travel application has made the “talking” luggage possible. It’s now on the market.

The Bag-claim travel application is an advancement of luggage tags. A user only needs an iPhone that has wireless receiver. This application is very useful especially if you have five or more luggage and remembering them makes you faint. Worry no more! You can sip a cup of your favorite coffee latte while waiting for your luggage to arrive.

How about your eyes instead of your fingers to write and send messages? That will come by year 2013. A new technology designed by Danish developers targets the eyes to control and write messages. Aha! Sending messages no longer have to be with codes and fingers. These Danish developers are now looking for Smartphone producers to make this application public. More stories about Internet of Things.

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I Can’t Write For $3 or $4 Per 500 Words Article (I’m worth more than those figures)

May 15, 2012 1 comment

US dollar signToday, I received an unexpected comment (in response to one of my tech blog post) with a pitch of interest in my writing. I will be hypocrite if I say I’m not excited. It’s my first time to receive money making opportunities from a reader.

It took me another day to respond as I am busy with my other projects. My head began to spin as I opened my mail and start scribbling to my heart’s content.

I noticed when I’m almost done with my long response, my fingers started hurting, and I stopped. I ended my reply with a question of how I can be of help.

After hours of waiting (actually I’m working while waiting) I got a reply. My thought of having a new gig as a writer is now confirmed. He liked my writing. Yes. He finds me nice, I mean, my writing gets a new lease on life, yippee!

fountain penThe usual interview starts. I was in no doubt that he is a legitimate boss. Knowing he is all over the net: a profile of a good mentor, writer, and one of the finest, I had to give my complete name (this is required) to qualify me to be part of his team and for the payout (the most important part of the conversation.)

He welcomed me well. Hmm, what about the fee per article? He said to just ask once a project is on the hook. Okay, I’m IN.

He noticed that I’m more focus on SEO style of writing, so he provided me with articles to help me out (he’s into copywriting style, that’s why.) I religiously read them (whoa, this is great, FREE learning!)

I had come across while reading through the report sheet (where writers are going to post their finished projects) some information about article fees. There was neither a peso sign nor an Obama dollar. Curious, so I dig deeper. The 200.00 I saw was in peso, no, not Mexican, but Philippine peso.

Actually, I’m paid by the hour and per word and in dollars – US dollars. This got me into thinking, if to convert, I can’t write for $3 or $4 per 500 words article (I’m worth five times more than those figures – by the hour and $0.50 per word.)

The question now is…

Will I consider this new gig a fashion statement to fill my wallet with a few paper bills? Or coins to fill my coin purse?

Oh, by the way, I noticed a sizable amount of writing request in my email. What about this new gig? I’ll try not to pack it up in my cold case files.

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What is Kombucha Tea? Why is Kombucha Tea Controversial?

February 26, 2012 1 comment


When sales in bottled water, sodas, energy drink dropped because of poor economy, there is this tea that sold a whooping $295 million last year. Have you heard of this tea known also as mushroom? This tea is shaped like a mushroom when the main organisms – yeast and bacteria – carry out fermentation.

Originally found in East Asia, mushroom tea has been known to cure cancer, have sufficient amount of vitamins such as vitamin B, boost immunity, improved digestion and liver function.

Reports have shown that enthusiastic drinkers of mushroom tea have experienced improvement in their complexion, weight loss, and decrease in hair loss. One significant statement comes from the founder of Synergy Kombucha, G.T. Dave. He claimed that his mother, who consumed only Kombucha, won her battle against cancer.

Ardent drinkers of Kombucha tea believe they are drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. But FDA found high alcohol content and recommends pasteurization.

What is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha Tea is a living health tea that tastes like a dazzling apple cider and champagne depending on what kind of tea is being used. The name of the tea is said to have come from Japan in the year 415 D.

The country’s Emperor Inyko was treated by a Korean physician named Kombu or Kambu. When healed, the emperor named the tea after the physician’s name – “Kombu” and “cha” which means tea.

Health Benefits???

In spite of the enormous health benefits shared by frequent drinkers, Kombucha tea is still in question. Can mushroom tea really prevent cancer? The FDA has warned consumers to be careful when consuming this tea.

Kombucha tea controversy should be corrected. If not, the very essence which makes this tea appealing to its consumers will remain in question.

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Are You Afraid to Resign After 19 Years of Office Work?

November 16, 2011 1 comment

how to be successful and earn millions in less than a year I am secured working eight hours (or more) a day seven days a week. It was a routine for 19 years.

After getting my children ready for school, I rushed to dress up myself and head to my office. I usually had heated debates with my husband for being late in getting our kids from school and me from work after the end of a long work period. Imagine doing this routine for straight 19 years. Not a joke huh!

It took me two years before I finally made my decision. Ceasing to work in an office after nineteen years is a mixed emotion. How can I just end the routine without securing my family finances?

Yes, I’m not financially secured during that back and forth, up and down debates of finally ending my office work career. But I still decided to take the plunge and not end up in the pit of uncertainty.

I quit my job after two years of hard thinking. I finally decided to work from home: be my boss, be with my kids and exchange flying kisses all the time.

Even though I am financially spent, I left my job with big dreams of making something remarkable out of my decision. I continued working online (my sideline before but is now my main money earner).

In no time, my hard work pays off. I started earning triple than what I was receiving monthly 19 years ago.

I am now able to pay my bills on time and no longer at the mercy of deadlines. I really believe that working from home is a wonderful blessings from Above. Gone are the days that I rushed just to be on time for work, meetings, seminars and other office responsibilities.

I’m the head of my office department…before. Now, I’m the manager of myself, managing my time – I am my boss.

Thinking of taking a big leap, too? Wait! You have to realize first that there is so much to change in your life. Think not twice but ten times ten before you gamble the future of your kids.

Remember, when we talk of personal finances, we are absolutely not on the same shoes.